Quality Scottish Butcher in the Heart of Fife

The Famous Kelty Clip'Pie

It’s the one thing you can’t seem to get enough of, our family steak pie starting from only £8.25! Made from grass fed, locally sourced rump steak and mixed with our rich gravy you’ll struggle to find a pie like it! We get asked about it from the people of Kelty and beyond and so the “Kelty Clip’Pie” seemed a very fitting name if you’ve heard the folk song “Kelty Clippie'” Although we prefer our version of this song…

I have traveled round this country, from shore to shining shore,
From the swamps of Auchterderren, tae the jungles o’ Lochore,
But in a’ these far-flung places, there’s none that can compare,
Wi’ the famous Kelty Clip’Pie, it’s the best steak pie a’ swear.

Pop In and See Us!

As a newly opened local butcher shop we are excited for the community to try our range of tasty produce and meet our new team! We sell everything you’d expect from a local butcher’s plus hot food to go, and locally sourced vegetables.

Our menu includes favorites like filled morning rolls and creamy mac & cheese, and pigs in blankets as well as daily deals and special offers that are constantly updated.

We are open seven days a week and have something for everyone, including gluten-free options. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service so come on in and visit us – we can’t wait to see you!